Branislav Ben Despotovic



Over the past 12 years, Dumbo Moving has grown into one of the top companies in the industry. We continue to grow every year on account of word of mouth and all the love and support we receive on Yelp, our Facebook page, and all our other social media.

Dumbo Moving was founded to change up the moving industry. We charge by the item instead of by the hour. Time is everything and that no one likes surprises and our customers highly prefer this arrangement.

We strive to be the most affordable and trustworthy moving company in New York City. Everyone knows how difficult it is to move here by yourself, and we do not believe that it should cost you a full month’s rent simply to hire movers.

We own more than 80 local trucks, 10 tractor-trailers, and 3 storage facilities. Just in 2017, we serviced more than 21.000 people and in 2016 we were voted as #1 moving company in the U.S.A.


Tel: 718 222 8282
Cell: 347 722 4352
Dumbo Moving & Storage
15 N Oxford St, Brooklyn NY 11205