Lisa Patti | M.S., CCC-SLP

Accent & Communication Coach

Founder and CEO of AccentC3 (Communication. Clarity. Culture.) Lisa brings more than 10 years of experience in accent and communication coaching. Her passion has always been learning and connecting with international world. She has worked with professionals from across industries, and from countries across the globe. In addition to accent and communication coaching, Lisa spent 3 years working in sales in a fast paced environment where clear communication and powerful deliveries creates lasting impact. Most recently she has been doing voice over work for corporate videos, putting into practice the techniques she teaches.

Lisa is a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist, and is certified by ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association). She holds a certificates in Developing Intercultural Training Skills from LTS Training and Consulting, ESOL Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, (CELTA), and a Human Capital Strategist Certificate, Human Capital Institute.



Corporate Speech Training

Corporate Speech Training focuses on specific strategies for accent reduction, voice, and intonation when communicating in fast paced environments. Communicating during a pitch, presentation or on conference calls presents specific challenges to the speaker. Our programs help you address those challenges and take control of your speech high-pressure situations. You will learn how to monitor your own speech, and your coaches can arrange to support you in real life situations providing invaluable feedback. On-site programs can be delivered one-one or in small groups using your own professional materials. Each program is custom designed to fit the needs of the industry, as well as the needs of the company.

Foreign Accent Reduction

You will learn specific techniques for creating the sounds that most impact the clarity of your speech. You will also have several opportunities practice the use of powerful intonation, through the use of written materials and in natural conversations. Powerful use of intonation is the key to engaging a listener and sounding like your most authentic self. Programs also incorporate cultural communication styles and how that might impact communication. Use your strengths and raise your awareness to the listener’s needs when communicating across cultures.


Your voice can give you credibility, energy and power. People remember the sound of your voice. It can influence the message as much as the words you say. Learn to use your voice in the most effective ways, building habits to maintain vocal health. Whether you are in the business world, an actor or an educator, proper voice use is an essential skill.

Regional Accent Reduction

Whether you have the fast paced speech of a New Yorker, or a Californian intonation style, regional accents are part of the personality of a place. For professional purposes, it is sometimes necessary to change your speech and intonation patterns to a more Standard American English. Here you will learn the speech patterns you seek, while learning several other skills essential for making an impact.

Free Speech Consultation

No matter what program you choose at AccentC3, a free speech consultation is included. This assessment takes between 30-45 minutes. During this time you will engage in natural conversation, and be given feedback on parameters such as sound production, intonation, voice, resonance, and speech rate. You will walk away with tips for your speech that you can use immediately, as well a much deeper understanding of your own speech goals.