Janet L. Falk

Public Relations and Marketing Communications

Executives hire me to help them get in the media; they attract prospects and keep in touch with clients. Nonprofit leaders use news stories to connect with donors. Contact me to discuss ways to make your phone ring.

I work with:
• attorneys
• business owners
• consultants
• executive directors of nonprofits.

When you see someone quoted in the news, where you have a similar idea, do you ask, “Why Her and Not Me?”​

The answer: reporters call the people they know; they don’t call people they never heard of.

As a Public Relations professional, I share a timely story idea and the source’s credentials with the media. When a reporter asks, “Why HER and Why NOW?”​ I will show you are a pragmatic observer about a hot topic.

Your law firm, business or consultancy will attract new customers, and stay top-of-mind with current clients. Together, we’ll design and implement strategic media relations programs to promote your timely industry insights to reporters, emphasizing how your service, product or idea can help others SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY or MAKE MORE MONEY.

Executive Directors of nonprofits ask me to help promote their group’s advocacy, drive attendance to events and attract donors.

What is the cost of not being pro-active with media relations: watching others get the news coverage you crave and missing out on potential new business.

You’ll see examples of these public relations successes and media placements at http://www.janetlfalk.com/selected-clips

I share my expertise as a guest lecturer to MBA students and lead workshops for attorneys, nonprofit professionals and business owners.

Let’s discuss how we might work together and implement strategic media relations plans to generate interviews leading to good news — and clients — for you and your team


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Hearing your phone ring is my motivation and greatest thrill.
Ready? Or will you wait for success?
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Janet gave a wonderful interactive presentation on Best Practices in Board Communication and Media Relations to nonprofit professionals at the Board Leadership Workshop for the Nonprofit Sector Resource Institute. It was outstanding and participants commented afterwards that they had learned a great deal from her. The fact that Janet prepared it on an extremely tight deadline made the presentation all the more impressive.

Audrey Winkler, Director, Nonprofit Sector Resource Institute at Seton Hall University

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