Gary Whittaker

Information Technology

Gary Whittaker has a vast background and passion for all things tech, with over 15 years of experience helping small and medium-size businesses implement and maintain the best technical solutions. His love of technology and improving businesses through technology drove him to start Chief Second, an outsourced IT support company in New York City.


Chief Second was founded with the aim of helping others succeed, eager to enrich New York City-based companies with technical expertise and reliability. Gary believes that when the right technology and the correct standards and alignments are implemented, businesses can thrive, which is the passion that drives Chief Second. Ensuring that your technology systems are safe and secure is one of our main aims and partnering with you to help you reach your business goals efficiently and effectively by meeting your technical needs. Choosing to partner with a company means Chief Second is entirely devoted to it; they will protect it as if it were their own. That is what sets Chief Second apart


Gary Whittaker
CEO, Chief Second
(646) 450-4279

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