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Donald Daly

REIS Group

With over 30 years of Real Estate Appraisal Experience behind our founder, Donald Richard Daly, REIS Group was founded in 2009.  Our team of local appraisers, headquartered in Mid-Town, Manhattan, prepare thousands of reports annually representing billions of dollars in property and serve New York City’s 5 Boroughs and Nassau County.  Our appraisers live in the neighborhoods in which they appraise and are each recognized experts in their sub-markets.  REIS Group is a privately owned, independent valuation and research company with no affiliation or conflict of interest with any other real estate related entity.

REIS Group Commercial & Residential Appraisals

In addition to residential and commercial evaluation services, REIS Group offers consulting on real estate related issues involving Development Advisory; Trusts & Estates Reports; Portfolio Valuations; as well as Matrimonial valuation and Expert Testimony.

Our clients include National Leaders, Matrimonial Attorneys, Portfolio Managers, Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), Estate Planners and Certified Public Accountants.


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Part of my divorce settlement was half of the real estate we had purchased. My Lawyer mentioned, I should get my own Home Appraiser, so I called the Reis Group, which came highly recommended by a friend. She was right, they offer a great service with a smile.

Mary H.

1st encountered REIS group thru a bank ordered appraisal for a mortgage. Had 2 appraisals done (same number). Did not go w bank, but appraisal was far superior to other lenders. 2nd time needed appraisal (another property) for a refi. Once again REIS group exceeded my expectations in providing a professional, through, accurate appraisal. Highly recommend REIS group for NYC Residential appraisals!

Donna C.

A Licensed Associate Broker with one of the top brokerage firms in Manhattan I was recently  matched with the Reis Group for a bank ordered appraisal and the experience was awesome.  The Reis Group completed the appraisal in a timely and efficient manner and were well educated about the New York City market.  I highly recommend their firm – professional and pleasant!!!

Marjorie G.

Don appraised my condo a couple weeks ago, and I can comfortably say he is the most competent appraiser I’ve dealt with in the city. He knows the industry inside out. Appraisal was done with great accuracy and professionalism. Friendly and helpful guy as well. Highly recommended.

Jessica M.

I needed to re-finance my Apt. and found the Reis Group who sent a one of their Home Appraiser who promptly delivered. They Rock!

Nona D.

Thank you Reis group for being so prompt, efficient and friendly with your appraisal report. Highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a Real Estate Appraisal Firm.

Jon L.

I needed to get my home appraised and called the REIS Group. They were friendly, efficient and gave me a professional appraisal. I highly recommend there services.

Adriana K.

I just had my townhouse appraised by REIS Group and they were very efficient in understanding my personal situation. Quick service and great people who know how to build rapport. Highly recommended.

John M.